How to File For Unemployment in Ohio


If you are a resident of the state of Ohio and you have recently lost your job, don’t think twice about filing for benefits. The state can support you for more than twenty weeks at a time, and you can easily find work with the help of the financial aid provided.

Qualify First

Don’t guess whether you’re qualified or not. The best way to find out is by calling them, or reviewing the following qualifications provided by the state of Ohio itself.

The first qualification is you must not have been removed from your work from other reasons other than uncontrollable circumstances. If you made a blunder and burned down a section of your office, then that’s not an uncontrollable circumstance. However, if you were removed from your post because your company collapsed, that’s pretty valid.

Another qualification is that you’ve worked at least twenty weeks and you have been able to support yourself through the twenty weeks with your wages. Again, the support system for the unemployed is for individuals who are capable of supporting themselves once again. It’s a crutch, not a permanent fallback system.

Register With the Bureau

Apart from being able to provide the qualifying criteria, make sure that you’re willing to register with the claims bureau of the state of Ohio. The bureau is called the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service’s Sharing Career Opportunities and Training Information.

Like other state department concerned with the unemployed and the benefits thereof, SCOTI is also responsible for receiving the application of jobless individuals who wish for some help during the most difficult stages of unemployment.

Requirements for Claiming

The basic requirements for getting unemployment benefits in the state of Ohio are pretty straightforward. First, you must be able to give your unique Social Security number. Your legally given name and your residence must also be provided.

A means of communication must also be given (email, telephone number, and cellular number). After providing strictly personal data, it’s time to give SCOTI the necessary information to evaluate whether you’ve really been removed from your employment because of uncontrollable circumstances.

Do provide the place that you worked in, the complete name of the employing entity and where the employer is located. If you’ve had more than just one employer, you can make sure that you’re aware of the same details for earlier employers.

How Far Back?

Unlike other states that require at least a year’s employment before the unemployment benefits can be released, the state of Ohio does not. You just need to be employed for at least six weeks. You don’t have to be employed by just one employer, too.

If you’re flitting from one employer to another, that’s fine as well. The important thing is that you can show that you have been self-supporting for the past six weeks and you’re willing to find new employment.


Don’t think that your benefits would be able to support you for more than a year. Most states offer only twenty-five weeks or less. Also, the benefit would not be larger than your former income.

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Unemployment Ohio: 50,000 Unemployed in Ohio


Ohio Unemployment Rate from Bureau of Labour Statistics: 10% – Obama Administration

The state of Ohio has apparently the highest rate of unemployment throughout the United States. According to official Bureau of Labour Statistics just over 10% of the Ohio population is unemployed.

The unemployment sagas that seem to have plagued Ohio, Carolina, Oregon and Rhode Island have caused major problems for the heads of states. To offer some kind of emergency solution the Obama Administration has established a $600 million aide program for states that have unemployment figures of at least 12 percent per year. Coming in at 10% Ohio stands as a state desperate for financial aid.

Allison of the Treasury Department said that these states have designed targeted programs with the potential to make a real difference in the lives of homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments because of unemployment. The idea of the bail out money is to offer assistance to the 50,000 people who are believed to be struggling with mortgage payments, food and bills.

Meanwhile, those states receiving funds have submitted proposals to the Treasury Department on how they plan to use the grants and help the citizens in need. Ohio has planned to help unemployed people to pay their mortgages for at least 12 months with the requisite that they are looking for work.

Unemployment.Ohio.Gov – The unemployment rate of the U.S. was 9.5 percent in June. It is reported that the Labour Department will publicize its findings on unemployment later on the year. Meanwhile, expert economists believe that the unemployment rate will most certainly rise to at least 12 percent in the next few months. provide quality news about the World